Swim Gala v Radnor House School

follow link for Gala Programme here

Final Results can be seen here


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1 Response to Swim Gala v Radnor House School

  1. KK & DO says:

    Canbury Swimming Club up against Radnor House for the first time. Today the Kingfisher Leisure Centre felt the spirit of real Olympic swimming teams! We hope Canbury will do even better next time! Great performance everyone: When we look at the times for these races I think it will be clear that competition brings out the best in you – in some cases the previous best times will have been smashed!
    First places for Zeno, Alice and Homin, Second places for Rei and Michael. Third places for Luka, Julia and Ben – well done.

    Many thanks to all the staff who helped out – and afterwards we all had a some smashing refreshments.

    We now look ahead to the Inter-House Swimming Gala in 2 weeks time – parents are welcome to watch – pool time 10:30 – 11:30, Graded races for everyone.

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