ICT cover work 4th Oct 2011

11 ICT
Tue, October 4, 08:15 – 09:35
using iMovie you need to make a video of the Informal Junior Football Tournament
the original video clips can be found in the Pupil Shared Area – \Canbury SPORT PICS\2011 2012\Informal Jun Football Tournament 2011
Don’t try and use too many different techniques, but you should put into practice many of the skills that you have already used earlier this term. Title – slow motion replays – real time into slow motion – repeats – transitions – speeded up play – soundtracks – zoomed into action
Details of the tournament can be found here

Swimming – SFDenham & KKonstantinova to cover, Group 2/3 to work together at the pool with Jo

09 ICT (11NS)
Tue, October 4, 13:55 – 14:55
Using iPages – you have already created House Lists for Campbell, Johnson & Noble
Start a new iPages project – “Life at Canbury” A4 landscape, needs to have Page 1 Life at Canbury by Your Name, date, include one sports photo, one photo from around school in class or in the playground, one photo from the Iceland Trip.
Pages 2-4 Sport: Autumn, Spring, Summer
Page 5 Trips Abroad; Iceland, Spain, France
Page 6 & 7 Visits and Day Trips: Kew Gardens, Tower of London, Thames Barrier, etc etc
Page 8 Charity at Canbury


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