Water Sports at Albany Park 2011 List and details

Here is a list of suggested items to bring on the day

This is the consent form that needs to be completed and returned BEFORE your son/daughter (or ward) will be allowed to participate at Albany Park.  Please do not be put off by the nature of the questions or statements – they are a general form – and cover a wide range of users from many different backgrounds.  The medical information is extremely important, please give as much detail as possible.  You can PRINT off this form HERE – and send it into school – or wait until a form is sent home on paper for you.

Albany Park yp full consent form 05.10

Albany Park 2011 SENIOR groups 1st draft Seniors are kayaking for 2 HOURS; I will post travel arrangements later

Albany Park 2011 groups JUNIORS 1st draft
There are 2 groups – the 2 hour group is numbered 4 & 3…. The ONE hour group is numbered 1 & 2
Timetables will be posted very shortly see What’s on this week or HERE


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