Whats on this Week – week 2 starting 12th Sept 2011

MONDAY 12th Sept

Yr 8 PE 1st lesson – depends on weather; circuit training outside or inside if possible
Yr 9 PE lesson before lunch – circuit training outside or a run
GCSE PE AFTER SCHOOL – Weight Training 15:35-16:30

TUESDAY 13th Sept

Swimming – all details are already in the calendar

Yr 7 PE before lunch circuit training or a run

Football Tournament at Ibstock – Team to be chosen from the following:
Chanwoo K, Oat S,Joe C, Kiya D, Maz H, Dylan M, Robert P, Zain R, Connor G, Christo R
Football Boots needed, Purple Kit will be given out at 12:40, bring coat in case of rain
we leave at 13:03 by minibus, 1st match is at 13:30 please be prompt. DO/AW
We have a very tough first match v hosts Ibstock
Estd return to Canbury 4:45… we will stay and watch the final (if we aren’t in it (sic))

Non-Team Players – football at Kingsmeadow, Change at Canbury, same routine as last week – OYSTER cards needed, return to Canbury OR leave from Kingsmeadow – an email to me at dorchard (@) canburyschool. co .uk or note in diary needed

Girls Games at Canbury – Dance, Netball, Yoga with KK/FR

THURSDAY 15th Sept
Junior Boys Football – Kingsmeadow same as last week Change at Canbury, Oyster Cards needed, leave at 13:20 please so get ready EARLY! Back by 13 35
Junior Girls Games – at Canbury Dance/Netball, Yoga KK

FRIDAY 16th Sept
GCSE PE – Circuit Training in Richmond Park both Years 10 & 11 combine DO/AW
Non-GCSE PE Circuit Training at Canbury with SFD & LSAs


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