What’s on this week – Autumn 2011 – starting Tuesday 6th Sept

Tuesday – Junior Games – usually swimming – BUT not this Tuesday due to the late start.  Be prepared to go for a walk in Richmond Park – about 3 miles, trainers would be sensible.  Bring a coat as there is the possibility of rain.  Route Canbury – Ladderstile Gate – Robin Hood Gate – Ham Gate -Kingston Gate – Ladderstile Gate… then lunch.

Wednesday – Senior Games – Boys Football at Kingsmeadow – see calendar for details,  Girls Games – speak to Mrs Konstantinova about what you would like to do over the next 3 weeks before Water Sports – kayaking & canoeing at Albany Park

Thursday – Junior Games

Boys – Football (off site) Girls staying at CANBURY

Change at SCHOOL – Depart Canbury at 13:25

Oyster Cards are needed (I have some that I can lend out if they are needed) but you are expected to get your own and please look after them they are so important for free travel for you.


Bring kit to change – remember the surface is long artificial grass – football boots with a moulded stud are ok – football boots with screw in studs are NOT ok – blades are USUALLY ok – trainers – are always ok – but may have less grip.

After the sports session you may want to go home  without changing – this is OK so long as there hasn’t been a lot of rain during the afternoon – you SHOULD have a permission slip signed – otherwise you will RETURN to Canbury School… IMPORTANT – this is NOT hard to work out – a letter – or an email to dorchard@canburyschool.co.uk

If travelling back with staff to Canbury please note estimated time of arrival 15:35 but maybe later.

Girls Games – AT CANBURY – not going anywhere


Yr 10/11 PE – Group Circuit Training for all – whether GCSE or not, all students should be ready for practical


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  1. girls’ games – see calendar for full details…..

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