What’s on this Week in Sport Summer 04 starting Monday 16th May 2011

Monday 16th May
PE lessons athletics
GCSE PE (Yr 11s not compulsory – Yr 10s are expected to be there) after school – interval training at Kingsmeadow track… Dylan, Turkay & Maz – throwing practice for the Surrey Schools, James – join the interval training… as you have a race on Wednesday

Tuesday 17th May
Junior Games is TENNIS at Wimbledon Park
Bring your own tennis racket if you have it – otherwise you can borrow a school racket
Year 9s & Braden need to change at Canbury and be ready to leave by minibus at 10 25 with SFD, Years 7 & 8 change at Canbury and be ready to leave as soon as the minibus returns.
Return journey is Years 7/8 on 1st minibus back

Wednesday 18th May
Invitation Track & Relays for Year 10 and any Year 11s not taking the GCSE English
Minibus leaves at 12 50 for Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields
100m and 800m graded races for all – plus 4x100m relays
James E races at Walton Track 2000m s/c, if any others want to do 100m or 400m let me know… No throwing events as Senior weights will be used

Thursday 19th May
Juniors Athletics at Kingsmeadow Track
We will WALK to the track at 12 45, and possibly WALK back again
If you want to be collected from the track – or wish to leave from the track and travel directly home – I need to have had a note to say so. Not necessary if permission has already been granted.

Friday 20th May
GCSE PE – YEAR 11s before lunch Shot Putt Practical
GCSE PE Years 10 & 11 last hour of the day
Year 11s practice paper
Year 10s THEORY – planning for the 3 week DIARY of Sports activity and Exercise


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