6th Canbury Invitation Track & Relays May 12th at Kingsmeadow

Unfortunately Hampton Court House had to pull out at the last minute – with transport problems – this meant that Canbury played host to TCC & CA this afternoon. CA had brought 24 athletes, so there were 2 competitions, Canbury matched the 24 that CA brought. For Center Academy there outstanding athlete was 800m runner Harvey who came in behind the brilliant Phil from TCC with a time of 2’39. Overall Canbury scored 400 to CA’s 300 points.
Alice B was fastest girl in the 100m and also 800m where she wiped 20 seconds off her previous best to beat Michelle.
In the 12 to score TCC were too good for everyone – except for the relay which the Canbury team won through good changes rather than raw speed. After all we had done quite a bit of work on relay changes on Tuesday, and then had a Year 9 team in the Borough Championships yesterday as well. This did not hide the fact that TCC provided a LOT of the winners – and the 2 outstanding runners in the 100m Theo – who slowed considerably yet ran 13.0, and as already mentioned Phil who ran a good 2’36 – I would have loved to have seen him under pressure from the HCH runner who battled around our cross country course before Christmas. TCC were winners with 275pts to Canbury’s 250 and CA’s 140.
Next week we host the Year 10s at REMPF on a grass track.

Results of Junior T & Relays 2011 relaysResults of Junior T & Relays 2011 12 to scoreResults of Junior T & Relays 2011 24 to scoreResults of Junior T & Relays 2011 100m aResults of Junior T & Relays 2011 100m bResults of Junior T & Relays 2011 800m a


photos to follow


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