Junior Inter-House Water Polo march 2011

As an end of swimming tradition, after 22 weeks at the pool, we usually finish with a low key Inter-House Water Polo competition.  Noble seemed very short on players – so the first game, Campbell v Johnson – not only proved to be the most exciting – it also proved to be the most important.  The score seesawed one way then the other – with players like Oats, Braden and Chanwoo scoring at either end.  In the end it was a DRAW 3-3.

The next match was rather one sided – although Chanwoo was lent to Noble to assist in their numbers.  A win for Campbell 7-0.  The final match was close – and this time the addition of Oats for the Noble team proved very important – Dzanan and his team didn’t seem to be able to get it past the ‘keeper – and at times looked reluctant to even take a shot.  In the end the score was 1-1.

Winners therefore Campbell, 2nd Johnson, 3rd Noble.

We thanked the 3 Poolside Teachers for all their hard work and expertise throughout the winter with a token presentation – and for those Year 7s and 8s said “See you in September!”



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