Canbury Invitation Netball Tournament 2011

5th Invitation Netball Tournament 2011

We have a lovely day for the tournament this year. We also had the luxury of Kate O’Rourke, a County Umpire, who created a lovely calm atmosphere throughout the matches. With the central timing, and teachers organising their teams, all six matches ran to time.

Hampton Court House were able to bring two teams of girls, which provided a balance of competition. Their B team was made up of their junior girls, who put up a really strong ‘fight’ in each of their games. Their A team were athletic and organised. The ball progessed up the court with ease and their Shooters were both very accurate and not phased by the tall defender in the Canbury side.

Thames Christian College also have two very rehearsed Shooters who were adept in receiving the ball in their semi-circle and then scoring from most angles. The rest of the girls were their usual athletic selves and despite the final scores kept the balance of play and possession very matched to their opponents.

Canbury were very limited in their players this year and invited a few boys who regularly join the class to participate in the tournament. There were always more girls than boys on the court, but they did have a positive influence in the athletisim of the team.  The tendency to mark too close had to be swiftly curbed as this gave too many ‘penalty shots’ away.

The  final scores reflect the balance of the teams, however HCH (A) did maintain their superiority throughout the Tournament and were the deserving victors winning all three of their games. Congratulations to the 2011 Gold Medal winners…

Thank you to Kate and the staff of the the schools who attended and made it a lovely afternoon. Thanks also to Mr Orchard who organises the whole event.


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