Canbury Inter-House Cross Country Championships 2011

WOW – what a great day!  The Juniors all ran with gusto – although Braden was disappointed with his time – I think he has been suffering from a slight cold recently… but he is of course wished a good day when he runs for Kingston Borough in the London Mini-Marathon.  Some unexpected performances and a very good run I thought from Felix – although it is wrong to try and name too many runners.  Well done Alice – 1st Junior.

The Senior Race was notable for a number of reasons – but top of the bill was James’ performance.  This was a run in two parts – first was his 1 lap time – beating Will Bor’s best with a time less than SIX and a HALF minutes!  We thought that this would be it – the 2 lap record could not be best – NOT so – this was also broken as he ran in with another lap of SEVEN minutes – total time 13min 27 sec!

Dragged along and keen to join the sub 8 club was Pouya who just dipped under the 8 minute barrier – only best by 13 runners in the past 13 years… before he picked himself off the floor to jog the next lap and finish in 14th!  Turkay – less fortunate in his sub 8 attempt fell on the course and was therefore outside the time again – however – he managed finish in 11th…

2nd runner in was Matthew – back to his old self – and just ahead of newcomer Oats.  1st senior girl home was again Katherine.

Results XC 2011

animoto – JUNIORS



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