1st XI v KGS 3rd XI (H) lost 2-5

An excellent match – against the older boys at KGS – Canbury took an early lead through Turkay after just 2 mins, but 4 minutes later KGS equalised when Pouya failed to get off his line quick enough. However, Canbury had plenty of attacks including a fierce shot from Maz which went screaming just over the bar. Half way through the 1st half KGS took the lead, and added another on 23rd minute. More pressure from Canbury saw Turkay awarded a penalty which he put away with assurance. The first half closed with the scoreline 2-3 to the visitors.
I was again impressed with James – who’s overall fitness allows him to be involved in almost all aspects of the play. Turkay showed some good touches – but had a day when he hoped things would go better – but they didn’t always pay off – no magical overhead kick today for example. Maz played well – but lacks nippiness over 2-3 meters – once he gets going he is impressive. Dylan in the back 4 was solid – but made more mistakes than usual – possibly because the KGS attack was so quick. It was great to have Angus back – and in excellent form – he is so fast and nibble, and he reads the game exceedingly well. Jae Eun and Bonwoo had quiet games – they found the opposition attack daunting I thought – but they battled away – and have the bruises to prove it. Kiya held his position well – but didn’t have the game he would have wanted. Joe played ok – considering the size of the players he was up against – and in the 2nd half contributed more. With no Robert due to injury the attack was led by Turkay – not the position I would have wanted to see him play – I felt that the midfield would have been better for him. He played well n places but the KGS players were not to be intimidated by his excellent ball skills and too often he tried to do too much. Christo and Zain played ok – neither have worked out the offside rule – but but need to come back for the ball more – too often they sat their waiting for the pass which was then intercepted by the defenders…  Pouya made some good saves – but in the first half in particular seemed rooted to the goal line – this meant that he didn’t narrow the angle – and allowed KGS strikers to have a much bigger target to hit – which of course they did! In the 2nd half the KGS 4th goal was not his fault – nor did the visitors intend it the “shot” to loop into the top right corner of the net as it did!

So in the 2nd half Canbury battled away with spirit and had chances. 2 goals within 2 minutes, at 19 and 21 minutes saw them suddenly 2-5 down – a touch harsh I think given the overall pretty even balance of the game.
At the end I was disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm for 3 cheers for KGS – this is an area that needs to be worked on. However, the players did get around and shake hands and said well done.

Plenty to look forward to next week – the 12th Invitation Senior 5-a-side Football Tournament. Players should note that the Inter-House Cross Country on Thursday will play a part in team selection… If 1st XI players think they will be automatically selected cos they have some footballing “skill” but they take the XC less than seriously – they may be in for a shock – and find they are not selected to play at Goals.
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