Year 7 work on Shields – Spring 2011

These are by no means as simple as they may appear at first glance – in other words there’s a lot more work involved than the casual observer might imagine – it is all building to the imagined shield or family coat of arms for Sir Reginald Farquar-Smythe of Hammit-Up Hall, the ghost plagued character studied with Mr Natt in English…

NOW _ ADDED! More “Animal” Shields and some of the Hammit-Up Hall Shields – Hope Mr Natt is impressed – some of these are the best we have ever come up with – and I am waiting for the others to be emailed to me.

Have NOW added some more of the shields – not ALL – but most πŸ˜› enjoy…..


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2 Responses to Year 7 work on Shields – Spring 2011

  1. David Natt says:

    Beguilingly simple shields — all very effective. Particularly like the ghost shields with theit transparent imaging. As well as the technical expertise involved, the work suggests that the students have an eye for placement and balance.

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