What’s on this week in PE & Sport week 07 Spring 2011


Table Tennis in PE – as it looks like rain – Yr 8/9 PE will again be during the afternoon… 13:05 Senior Inter-House Basketball Campbell v Noble – changing is optional.  After school GCSE PE is ONLY for those who actually WANT to be there to do Weight Training – bench/cleans… please don’t turn up unless you are serious about the session.  Yr 11s please note that PEPs should have been completed last week.

Tuesday – Junior Swimming – 25m freestyle times (again)  No option to catch the bus back from swimming  – we will all be walking – it’s healthier for us all 😛

Wednesday – Senior Football 6-a-side indoors match v CA (A) an early start – we need to be changed and LEFT at 13 00 – bring sandwiches for lunch – team to be announced – there may be an A/B team…  Non team – to play netball – the senior girls need the numbers

TEAM A (only) James E, Turkay S, Pouya M, Dylan M, Robert P, Mazigh H, sub Jae Eun L…. minibus leaves at 13:00 purple kit, black shorts – you provide, shin pads, the new socks!, trainers – indoors at Battersea Youth Centre.  Back by 3:15

Thursday – Junior XI v CA (A) at Wandworth Common –  grass – so football boots needed.  Kit will be black socks, white shorts/green hooped shirts… TEAM : Dzanan (GK) Kieran, (cpt) Oats, Chanwoo, Hanul, Braden, Louis, Nathan, Yago, Freddie, Homin, sub Marcus.  We leave at 13 15 by minibus, (DO/SFD)bring a bag for your football boots – if you borrow boots from me – you must clean them off when you get back to school  Return to school should be comfortably by 3 35 pm NON TEAM to play football in Richmond Park with Mr Penagos/PL… Girls – netball 3 weeks away from Tournament

Friday – GCSE PE yr 11 before lunch – write up evaluation of PEP.  Afternoon GCSE PE session – practical – Basketball session – please make sure you bring correct kit as excuses will result in sanctions 😦


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