Senior Football 7-a-side v TCC (H) Feb 2011

Originally billed as a Canbury & TCC joint XI v the might of north London – King Alfred’s, this changed last minute due to health problems for their PE Teacher.  However, with a reasonable amount of sunshine around and the pitch at REMPF all marked out – we decided to play 7-a-side on a full pitch – a test of football skills and stamina (similar to the Ibstock Tournament – which we hope to get invited again to next season.)

There were 3 matches – 7 mins each way. Results and goal scorers are:

Match 1, Canbury won 2-1. 2nd half goals from James (a long range shot? that could also have been a cross – if it had not been so cleverly on target!) and a penalty from Maz despite TCC taking the lead early on.  Actually it was all TCC in the early minutes with the Canbury goal under considerably pressure as a super header from Tyler whistled about 30cm above the bar and a beaten Pouya in goal.

Match 2, Canbury won 3-0.  All 1st half goals, 2 from Oat and one spectacular overhead shot from Turkay – we wait to see the video footage as soon as it can be uploaded.  (WATCH THIS SPACE!)  Canbury beginning to look confident and full of running, Zain – who came down as a sub, got a full match and played ok mainly in defence.  However, this game saw TCC show signs of cracking – and a low blow to one of their better players left the visitors struggling.

Match 3, Canbury won 4-1.  Now full of running and with TCC on the back foot, goals came from James and Oat in the 1st half, then TCC came back with a well struck penalty, before the unstoppable Oat scored two more to wrap up the afternoon.

Good work from everyone really – with new players, Chanwoo and Bonwoo both holding very good lines in defence – allowing Turkay a free range in midfield with Maz and James, whilst Oat mainly stayed up front looking for goal scoring opportunities but occasionally getting back to help in midfield.  Well done – we look forward to our next match after half term – which is Sen Football 6-a-side indoors match v CA (A).


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