UNI-Hoc B Teams v CA (Away)

Team C
Freddie C (cpt)
John S
Simon A
Zeno V
Michael K
Ken Y

Team D
Felix G
Marcus H
Homin K
Ben LT
Joss P
Ben S

Indoors – starts at 13 30 so we need to LEAVE CANBURY by MINIBUS at 13 05 if possible
Eat lunch then change into Green & White Shirt, White Shorts – Canbury will provide
YOU need to bring:long BLACK SOCKS -SHIN PADS – if you have them…. Trainers

Thu, 17 February, 13:30 – 14:30
Youth Centre, Hope Street near Battersea, Wandsworth, SW11, UK

Back quite early so no problems getting home on time

NON TEAM – will stay at school and go to Richmond Park to do FOOTBALL with Mr Penagos – so bring FOOTBALL BOOTS and kit as usual
You will be playing Junior XI v CA after HALF TERM


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ICT & PE Teacher
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