1st XI v King Alfred’s Yr 10 Team – Football

Some of the action…

King Alfred’s seem to have a conveyor-belt of talented football players.  Canbury brought as strong a team as possible (short of adding a couple of Year 9s) but despite playing well in places, despite taking an early short lived lead through James, despite our belief that we are a decent side in terms of Canbury sides over the last 10 years – we let in a tide of goals and went down 1-10.

Too many players could not hold a position on the field – given a defensive role the drifted deep into attack – this left massive gaps into which the home side easily exploited and often left the ‘keeper with little  nor no chance with clinical finishing.

Angus L-D had an excellent game, plenty of players did well – but in patches and often with little support or in the end with no reward for hard work.

I really hope the side learns from this loss.  Next week we host HCH at REMPF.



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