Basketball v HollyField (A) Feb 1st 2011

Up against HollyField’s Year 10 B Team Canbury’s combined Seniors failed to make much headway – but there was plenty to cheer about in a match that was played in excellent spirits. True – HollyField never looked under any pressure – and their regular training sessions and matches in both the Kingston & Surrey Schools’ Leagues meant they had a much better understanding of what they were meant to be doing.
I will post a better analysis – as soon as I can – in the mean time here are the team before the start…. and one of the many photos taken by Angus during the match.

Well done HollyField – a very competent performance – from Canbury’s point of view it was just as well that Turkay scored the 20 points that he did.  He was supported by a late run of points from Pouya (7 pts) and a 3 pointer from James, and a single basket from the free throw line from Kiya.  I have to say that for our 1st game of the winter, this was not a bad effort – but let’s be realistic – against a good well disciplined side we must be better prepared in the future – instead of heading downtown to “Subway” Yr 11s would do better to bring in a sandwich and shoot some baskets at lunchtime… Starting MONDAY 7th Senior Inter House Basketball Campbell v Johnson 13 05 start.

I hope the team may have learnt a few things from this game: 1. Lack of practise sure doesn’t make for much skill and accuracy when needed in game situations 2. passing is often much better and more effective than dribbling 3. coach needs to try and get us more matches!


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2 Responses to Basketball v HollyField (A) Feb 1st 2011

  1. Dan File says:

    Thanks for posting these photos…they are great!

    Also, thanks for the game – the Year 10’s are really keen and always up for more games so get in touch. We have such a big squad in that year so it is nice to rotate the players.

    I was impressed with your guys given that they don’t have regular games and, by the sounds of things, don’t train as much as they could! The more you play the less rusty you are and hopefully fewer mistakes are made in game situations.

    • Glad you like them – I am going to get my players to look at the simple techniques which your players – in the short video clip that we took – lol – demonstrated – bread and butter lay-ups and catching the ball – 1-2 steps and in off the backboard – they mostly haven’t actually mastered that yet – dang it

      Anyways – have a good weekend

      I will see if we can get another game in against your Year 10s again

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