What’s on this week – Spring Term 2, 2011

Rather than my usual video blog – which few seem to listen to anyway – and which take me ages to do… I am going to give you the information as text this week – maybe NEXT week will be video blogging again – we shall see.

MONDAY: PE for Yrs 7/8/9 – Basketball if the weather is dry, otherwise Table Tennis, NB Yr 9 PE is in the afternoon

GCSE PE after school is Weight Training – all Year 10/11 are expected to be there – and yes I realise there are exams on for the Year 11s.  If Year 11s want to do just 30 minutes that’s ok.

TUESDAY: Swimming for Years 7/8/9.  Remember Oyster Cards, towels, black swimming stuff and goggle.  If you have long hair it should be tied back or under a swimming cap.  £1 needed for locker – but valuables should be handed into Mr Denham.  This week ALL students will be walking back up the hill after swimming – next week students will have the chance to donate to the school charity – “Small Steps” and catch the bus – so long as they have their own Oyster card. (50p)

WEDNESDAY: 1st XI match v TCC (H) at REMPF, Team to be from the following – with Turkay S (capt) James E (vcpt), Angus LD, Pouya M (gk), Kamiar K, Kiya D, Mazigh H, Jae-Eun L, Dylan M, Robert P, Christo R,

Subs: Harry P, Joe C, Tom U, William J, Zain R, Hyun Kyu P,

Oyster Cards needed – also Football Boots, we change at REMPF – leave Canbury at 13 15, Shorts are your own – black Canbury ones, Shirts and socks provided – but if you are leaving from REMPF you must change and hand in kit before you go home.

Those boys NOT in the Team or as a sub – join Girls for Netball

Please note that Year 11s MUST be back at school in time to leave with the main group. Mr Denham to go to REMPF with DO, Mr Penagos to join Mrs Dannatt.

THURSDAY: Junior XI v TCC at REMPF – changed to HOME match.  Change at Canbury – leave at 13 25, you must bring suitable boots.  Team will be as follows: Kieran S (cpt), Louis B, Chanwoo K, Dzanan M, Oat S, Nathan W, Yago C, Braden R, Zeno V, Freddie C, Ken Y,  subs Marcus H, Ben LT

You need Oyster Cards, Boots – with studs or blades, if you haven’t got your own I will lend some out, shorts are your own Canbury Black Shorts, Shirts and socks will be provided.

If you are NOT in the Team you will stay at Canbury and join the girls for Netball. Mr Denham to go to REMPF with DO, Mr Penagos to join Mrs Dannatt.

FRIDAY: GCSE PE Yrs 10/11 have an “exam” I will post the questions in the blog site shortly… so no surprises 😛

NON-GCSE PE is with Mr Denham as usual.


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