Inter House Photography Competition 2010 -11

Last Year’s competition was run over one of the holiday periods

The standard was pretty excellent – see the winners below :

Students need to take photo(s) and submit them for one of the following categories:
1. People
2. Landscape
3. Patterns

Send me your photo as an attachment to

You need to include your NAME, HOUSE, and whether you are entering the photos into PEOPLE, LANDSCAPE or PATTERNS
I would also be interested in the make of camera that you used…
You may enter ONE photo into each of the 3 categories…
Closing date for entry is 21st January 2011.

suggested information to go with the photos

I took this photo less than an hour after school closed – just thought I’d share it…


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2 Responses to Inter House Photography Competition 2010 -11

  1. If – for some mad mad reason, you find the idea of sending a digital attachment to me via email IMPOSSIBLE, then it is also possible for you to bring in your photo as a HARD copy… ie as a traditional PRINTED PHOTO

    However, sending photos as attachments should be second nature to most students – and if not – why not?

    A GOOD TIME to learn 😛

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