Extra Kayak Session – learning to roll

There are 2 sessions Monday 6th & 13th December, very late 9 – 10.30 pm, teaming up with Albany Park Instructor and looking to learn how to roll your kayak, at Hampton Open Air Pool.

This session is open to those Seniors from the Top Group: James, Harry,  Turkay & Pouya, and ONE other (1st come basis) from the next group down.  I need to have a confirmation that you want to be at these sessions – please email me at dorchard@canburyschool.co.uk with the following details – or bring a printout which includes the following:

Name of Student________________________, Transport THERE 1. in need of a lift from Canbury School in minibus/car leaving 8:15, 2. Travelling to the pool with parent/guardian, Transport BACK a lift back to Canbury could be arranged – but it is expected that students will be collected from Hampton Court Pool, Permission given and 1st session fee of £20 cash or cheque.

There are 5 types of roll… so I don’t know which one we will be looking at… more here


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One Response to Extra Kayak Session – learning to roll

  1. Should I be anxious?
    I haven’t had a single email from anyone – lol…. particularly important for the 5th student spot – only ONE non-group 1 student will be able to paddle

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