PE lessons during the 2nd half of Autumn Term

Traditionally we have offered 2 main sports throughout the Year 7-9 lessons….

If the weather is not wet, and not too cold we usually play Basketball in the playground, with passing, dribbling, shooting skills high on the agenda; and with small sided “attack v defence” 1/2 court games favoured ahead of any full court games…

If it is too cold we go indoors for Table Tennis – you are however, still expected to be changed for this activity.  Back hand push shots are the starting point – the easiest stroke, to start with a back hand push serve also okay – although pupils are encouraged to learn to serve correctly as soon as possible.  Forehand – introduced everyone – although much more complicated that the back hand push shot.

Any games are usually played up to 7 points (sudden death) with an introduction to all the major rules and scoring.

Towards the end of term – we will also take the opportunity to go into the Park for a short run – usually on the path – so pupils do no come back all wet and muddy


more to be added


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