Water Sports after Half Term

Local to Canbury is here
Aquanaut Scuba and Snorkelling Centre – with the shop at Norbiton – so close proximity to Canbury School…

well worth a visit if you are looking to purchase some gloves or kit to keep your youngster just that little warmer this November when they are out on the River at Albany Park or at TYM….

if you think you prefer to go onto the internet and shop there – then this might be the site for you: crew-safe

REMEMBER that up to 90% of body heat if lost through the HEAD – so get a hat on – even a wolly hat is a great way to keep the heat in :p

And one of the other factors in getting cold when out on the water – is due to wind chill – even a pair of washing up gloves – will stop the wind from making wet hands feel MUCH colder than they actually are :p

all best
see you on the water on Wednesday and Thursday 10th and 11th November….


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