GCSE (Short Course) PE Practical Assessment

2.1: Practical Performance

Paper 2: Practical activities — 60%
Candidates will be required to offer two activities for assessment and to complete an Analysis of Performance in one of these activities.

In the Short Course, Candidates offer for assessment two
activities from different Activity Groups. These are –

Games activities
At Canbury it might be reasonable to consider one of these…
Association Football
Lawn Tennis
Rounders or Softball
Table Tennis

Gymnastic activities
It is unlikely that these could be considered UNLESS you are already as established Club competitor – like James (Horse Riding)
Horse Riding
Synchronised Swimming

Dance activities
Similar comment to above…
Candidates must demonstrate
the ability to perform one
dance, through a solo, duet or
group performance.
Dance may only be offered as
one practical activity.
Each piece performed should
last between two and four

Athletic activities
Fitness Training (Aerobics/Circuit
Training/Interval Training
and/or Weight-training)

three events from at least two areas
Running, Jumping, Throwing

Adventurous activities
At Canbury it might be reasonable to expect you to select one of these:
Canoeing or Kayaking

but if you have regular participation in any of these – one could be considered:
Personal Survival or Lifesaving
Skiing or Snowboarding
Trekking or Orienteering

Swimming activities
Swimming Strokes


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4 Responses to GCSE (Short Course) PE Practical Assessment

  1. robert says:

    can i do trapolining and athletics ?

  2. Gus Lee-Dolphin says:

    Are you sure I can do football and Table tennis because they are in the same group???
    (I am looking at it sir 😛 )

    • No – YOU are absolutely correct… Football OR Table tennis
      On Friday I didn’t have the list in front of me – and was thinking there was a striking or rackets section – NOT in Games… 😦


      Well done for posting though – and good to see you reading this section
      If you decided to choose Athletics – Track & Field you could do this from the position of Coach/Leader or Official… it doesn’t have to be just as a Performer…

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