Jun v TCC Yr 7/8 Cricket & Rounders

Another warm summer’s day, the last meeting between Canbury & TCC this year – so many we have lost count!

Brief match report – not the real thing – but the bare bones…

Canbury having been put into bat, got off to a good start with Mazigh (cpt) scoring three 4s and a 6 before getting out lbw. His total of 21 runs was to prove very useful.
Dylan M scored just 5 runs before being caught by the keeper off Phil’s bowling. Christo came in, scored a 4 then promptly pushed a ball through with too much bottom hand – straight down the throat of the fielder at mid – off.
Kiya and Robert would have liked to have batted more – they both faced plenty of balls – but had problems with timing and lack of power. Kiya scored 4 singles whilst Robert took just one run.
Yago was caught and dismissed early, whilst Braden and Jae-Eun, both took a single of the pacey deliveries from TCCs strike bowler Phil.
Almost 30 runs came from wides and extras, Canbury posted a total of 65 which seemed a reasonable target for the visitors to chase.

Early Canbury bowling was pretty accurate though, and the opening TCC batsmen struggled to make many runs, each scoring just a couple before they were retired. However, Canbury were also generous in the lack of direction on some of their bowling, 24 runs were given away to TCC.
With top scorer for TCC being Phil, the Canbury bowlers were on the whole on top. Mazigh finally dismissed Phil, but not before he had two leg side deliveries smashed to the boundary fine of square leg. Then he straightened his run and took out the middle stump! This may well have been quite significant, especially as his next ball was hit high to Christo who took a decent catch to dismiss Adam.
The rest of the TCC batsmen failed to make much headway against Christo, Robert, Kiya (just one over) and Mazigh and especially Dylan – who took 3 wickets by bowling steadily and accurately.
In the end TCC were 14 runs short of the target.

Meanwhile the TCC girls narrowly beat Canbury in an exciting rounders match. Mrs Dannatt will probably write a full report soon.

In the meantime here are the photos from today.

I am afraid the “video” could do with some sound – and the panning option chosen, gets a little tiring after a while.

We look forward to seeing TCC after the summer hols, for some early season football.


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